Local Port Ellen man George McGilvary, had originally come up with an idea for a centre for disabled people during the day time and for youth to use at night, while Sandy Mactaggart one of Islay’s most popular and influential islanders who has been behind many of Islay’s projects, had an idea for a place where youth could hangout and learn about computers. From these projects the CyberCafe was formed in August 1998.


The Mactaggart family; Sandy, Sir John and lady Caroline helped purchase an old drill hall which was then renovated and had installed eight computers and a pool and snooker table. This was then subsequently leased to the Mactaggart Community CyberCafe as a registered charity.


Our Aim


Is to provide a safe place for the youth of Islay to go after school, to meet up, socialise and use the facilities at affordable prices and keep them away from drugs and alcohol.



How we started


2003 - We built a multi purpose room (now rented as a restaurant) with grants from the people who were so generous in helping finance the Kitchen

2005 - We franchised the kitchen and multi purpose room to generate an income to help towards the running of the CyberCafe.

2008 - We celebrated our 10th Birthday

2010 - We insulated the main hall, this has helped reduce heating costs

2013 - Our main facilities were upgrade and floor sanded and varnished

2013- We celebrated our 15th Birthday with a community party in the Cyber.

Over the Years


1999 - We gained funding to install new toilets and a kitchen from the Mactaggart Third Fund, Schroder Trust, John Garfield, Sir Cameron Macintosh and Argyll and Islands Enterprise

2000 - The Third Fund purchased the derelict building next door which was demolished and the AIE gave us a grant to construct our car park