George MacGilvray has served the Mactaggart Community CyberCafe as a volunteer Manager since 1998. Here is what he has to say about his time in the CyberCafe “Running the CyberCafe takes up all my free time, being a volunteer I don’t get paid in cash but in satisfaction instead. Satisfaction is from seeing the young people grow up, gaining knowledge and enjoying the CyberCafe. This is my satisfaction and it is very rewarding, especially when you are able to turn around the attitudes of none compliers and trouble makers by giving them a bit of discipline and opportunities to find out the world is not against them.”


We also have a dedicated pool of volunteers managing our committee, the committee consults with all of the community users to ensure that we keep our users needs firmly in mind: it monitors progress; regularly reviews its structure and methods; plans for the future and liaises with local advisors and professionals to achieve a high level of expertise in management. As such it is able to identify areas for development and improvement, recognize potential for extending its facilities and accomplish its goals.

Management and Committee

Management Structure

Management Committee


The Committee meet monthly with management staff, minutes are recorded. Employees do not have voting rights.

Role of Volunteers

Volunteers play a large part in overseeing and supervising activities in the CyberCafe. They are subject to the same disclosure checks and recruitment procedures as employee’s